DIY Biodisc Demo                              

You don't have to believe what you read. Convince yourself on what effects the BioDisc has. Try the experiments below and experience for yourself what BioDisc can do. The result, in most cases is instantaneous. It's fantastic.

Salt The Salt test
The easiest and quickest. Put some quantity of table salt onto the BioDisc and another onto a plate. Immediately taste the sample on the BioDisc and then the sample on the plate.

The salt on the BioDisc taste less salty compared to the one on the plate.

Lemons & Lime
The Lemon/Lime test
Slice the lemon and lime and place them onto the Biodisc an another set onto a plate. Taste the lemon and lime samples on the BioDisc and then the other sample on the plate. The lemon and lime sample on the plate taste sourish.

If both samples are left in the open, the sample on the plate will tend to age while the sample on the BioDisc will look 'younger'.

Energised Water
Energising Drinking Water
Pouring water over the BioDisc energises the water instantly. You can drink it straight away. You can use tap, filtered, bottled, kettle boiled, microwave boiled or any water for this purpose.

Put some BioDisc energised water into a glass or plastic bottle for the next lotion experiment.

Energising Lotion/Cream/Make-Up
Pour some lotion onto the outer surface of the bottle containing BioDisc energised water you made from the above instruction. Spread the lotion onto the bottle surface for a few seconds and then rub it onto your left hand. Now apply and rub your lotion from it original source onto your right hand. Notice the difference.

The lotion that has been energised get absorbed quicker and better while the original lotion seems greasy and not absorbed completely. You now know how to energise your make-up, foundation, cream, etc to be as good as those expensive ones!. And it doesn't even need to be physically in contact with the BioDisc. You can just leave your lotion or cream overnight on the BioDisc.

Spray Bottle
Energising Using Mist/Spray Bottle
Spray the outside of an empty glass with BioDisc energised water. Pour carbonated drink into it and into another un-spayed glass. Taste the drink. The carbonated drink in the BioDisc sprayed glass will taste less gassy and less sweeter.

Feeling tired? Spray the BioDisc energised water onto your face and body.

Need to energise your food? Spray onto your food, especially if it's cooked or heated in a microwave oven

Using Torchlight To Energise
Don't believe? Do the lemon & lime test again. Put 2 lemon & lime samples slices onto two plates. Take one of the plates and have a torchlight ray pass through the BioDisc convex side in an anti clockwise circular movement. Do this for 10 ~ 20 seconds. Now taste the energised samples and then the other. The one energised using the torchlight taste less sourish.

You can use most torchlights but the LED type will be better as the luminance is higher. Best suitable torchlight will be under the brandname 'SureFire'. It's expansive but not compulsory. The sun's FIR rays does the same for FREE!.

Effect Of E-smog Radiation
Electrosmog (E-smog) is the invisible electromagnetic radiation resulting from the use of wireless technology and electronic appliances. The common sources of e-smog are cordless phones, mobile phone, transmitting masts/towers, wireless networks, computers, microwave ovens, Tvs, air-conds and even the cars you drive (those expensive cars with electronic management) to name a few.

What can BioDisc do? Get a volunteer to clinch their first and index fingers. Remove his/her handphone from their body. Ask another person to unlock the clinch fingers by pulling them apart. It will be rather difficult to do.

Now, get the volunteer to put their handphone in his/her pocket. Get the other person to pull apart the clinched finger. It can now be done much easier. With the handphone still in the pocket, spray the volunteer with BioDisc energised water. Pull the clinched fingers apart. It's again difficult.

What has BioDisc energised water done? It has enveloped our body with a protective layer of positive energy to diffused the radiation emitted from the handphone or from any other radiation. Click here to read more.