Other Bio products

Shower Shell

Shower Shell Shower Shell

Simply clip the shell onto the water hose feeding the washing machine / shower or ONE of the hot or cold inlet pipes, it does not matter which one as all the water will be energized.

  • A) You can shower under Bio energised water.
  • B) You can make as much bio energised drinking water you need when clipped to a pipe.
  • C) You can wash your clothes in Bio energised water, the clothes are then energized. Every one will be wearing bio energy clothes!
  • D) You will use less soap/detergent and the waste water does not harm the environment. Your skin will look more youthful and your chakras will be energized all day.
  • E) It has been known to increase crop growth by using the bio shell on a hose pipe to water plants.
  • F) It is known to remove scale from heating boilers and thus save energy and reduce green house gases. Clip the shell over the cold feed to the boiler.
  • G) You can shine a L.E.D. light through it to produce increased scalar energy results. Just shine a light through the shell onto a drink and it will change the taste!.
  • H) In cold countries it can be used on a central heating radiator system to energise the entire home. It will also reduce the air locks in the boilers and reduce sediment as well as noisy heating pumps. Simply clip the shell over the first feed from the radiator re-circulating pump.
Pewter Bio Disc

Bio Coaster

The Pewter bio disc is designed to be flat and unbreakable. It’s first use is as a place mat or to be placed in a fridge. However, unlike the original glass bio disc, it does not create scalar energy and as such it does not have the same applications as the glass bio disc. None theless in households where glass discs can be accidently broken its the better option. Or for use in restaurants and wine bars where commercial ware and tear are also a considerations.

Straw Tube

Straw Tube Straw Tube

The Bio Straw Tube is for children and adults.

  • A) It can be used OVER a drinking STRAW.
  • B) It can be used to create automatic Bio drinking water. Simply fit it over the small drinking water nylon outlet pipe before the tap. (You will need to undo one end of the nylon pipe to do this.)
  • C) It can be used on a cigarette, turn the cigarette through the tube.
  • D) It can be used as a pendant or wrist bracelet.Demonstrations are easy – Simply blow through the Straw Tube onto the outside of any Glass or Mug and the contents will change it’s taste.